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UEFA Nations League. League B

UEFA Nations League. League B
Number of teams:12
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The UEFA Nations League is a biennial international football competition contested by the senior men's national teams of the member associations of UEFA, the sport's European governing body.


In October 2013, Norwegian Football Association President Yngve Hallén confirmed that talks had been held to create a third full national-team international tournament for UEFA members in addition to the FIFA World Cup and UEFA European Championship.

The concept of the UEFA Nations League would see all 55 of UEFA's member associations' national teams divided into a series of groups based upon a ranking formulated using their recent results, where they would be promoted and relegated to other groups according to their results within the group. The proposed tournament would take place on dates on the International match calendar that are currently allocated for international friendlies and would not affect the FIFA World Cup or UEFA European Championship.

In March 2014, UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino stated that one of the benefits of the proposal would be to help less glamorous national associations arrange games.

Royal Belgian Football Association's general secretary Steven Martens said that lower ranked nations would still benefit financially from the competition, as the television contract with UEFA would be centralised. The UEFA Nations League was unanimously adopted by the 54 UEFA member associations (Kosovo was not a member at this time) at the XXXVIII Ordinary UEFA Congress in Astana on 27 March 2014.


According to the approved format (prior to Kosovo becoming a UEFA member), the now 55 UEFA national teams (including Kosovo) are divided into four divisions (called "Leagues"): 12 teams in League A, 12 teams in League B, 15 teams in League C, and 16 teams in League D. In each league, four groups are formed (three or four teams in each group) and teams play each other both home and away.

In the top league, League A, the winners of the four groups go on to play in the Nations League Finals, with two semi finals, one third and fourth place decider, and one final to decide which team becomes the UEFA Nations League champion.

Teams can also be promoted and relegated to a higher or lower league. Each group winner (there are four groups in each league) except for League A, who will go on to play in the Nations League Finals, is automatically promoted to the next higher league for the next tournament. Each team placing last in its group, except for League D is automatically relegated to the next lower league.

Round: Сезон:
Group 1
 1 Ukriane Ukriane43015509
 2 Czech Republic Czech Republic42024406
 3 Slovakia Slovakia41035503
Group 2
 1 Sweden Sweden42115327
 2 Russia Russia42114317
 3 Turkey Turkey410347-33
Group 3
 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina431051410
 2 Austria Austria42113217
 3 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland400427-50
Group 4
 1 Denmark Denmark42204138
 2 Wales Wales42026516
 3 Ireland Ireland402215-42
Group 1
 1 Ukriane Ukriane22002026
 2 Slovakia Slovakia21015323
 3 Czech Republic Czech Republic21012203
Group 2
 1 Russia Russia21102024
 2 Sweden Sweden21014313
 3 Turkey Turkey200213-20
Group 3
 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina22003036
 2 Austria Austria21101014
 3 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland200224-20
Group 4
 1 Denmark Denmark21102024
 2 Wales Wales21015323
 3 Ireland Ireland201101-11
Group 1
 1 Czech Republic Czech Republic21012203
 2 Ukriane Ukriane210135-23
 3 Slovakia Slovakia200202-20
Group 2
 1 Sweden Sweden21101014
 2 Turkey Turkey210134-13
 3 Russia Russia210123-13
Group 3
 1 Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia and Herzegovina21102114
 2 Austria Austria21012203
 3 Northern Ireland Northern Ireland200203-30
Group 4
 1 Denmark Denmark21102114
 2 Wales Wales210112-13
 3 Ireland Ireland201114-31


UEFA Nations League. League B. Fixture. Results.

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